Producing Quality Recordings for Release

FX Productions provides this service in a totally relaxed, no pressure, creative environment where time is not measured. Instead we aim to capture the true essence of each artist’s best performance without any constraint on time.
With a major focus on vocal production we understand that every artist is unique and has different requirements. We find it's capturing the artist's individuality combined with producer direction and production knowhow that produces great results.


The ultimate goal of our development programs is to help the artist/s secure a record deal. These programs are designed to financially assist with production and develop all aspects of the recording artist. 
FX Productions regularly network and work with some of the best industry movers and shakers in Nashville, LA and Australia. We have built very strong alliances with industry partners i.e.: artist management, labels, promoters and publicists.

The Songs 

The songs are such an important part of the process. We can greatly assist in careful song selection, song workshops, song licensing, publishing, soliciting of original compositions. We can also help you with your writing, cowrites and facilitate cowriting appointments with some of the best writers in Australia and Nashville. We have built strong associations with some of the most successful publishing companys in Australia and Nashville. Sourcing only from the very best song publishers and song writer catalogues from around the world. 

Session Musos 

Over the years FX Productions has formed great working relationships with some of the best players in the industry and around the world.  Most of these players appear regularly on international hit records. Let us know if you would like us to arrange an awesome lineup of musos for your next project.