BEST PRODUCTION (ENGINEER/ARRANGEMENT) - NATIONAL AWARD – Producer/Engineer: Andrew Cochrane - Song: Need To Need You –  Artist: Paul Cowderoy


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"It is without doubt one of the classiest debut albums I have had the good fortune to hear ... period. In fact, I'm hard-pressed to think of another maiden musical voyage that's so complete...

...What they have created is a sound that's not only akin but on par with the likes of Lady A and yet still manages to retain its own distinct identity...

...The album's roster of players is also extremely impressive. It features contributions from drummer Brian Fullen [SheDaisy, Shania Twain], banjo, pedal steel and dobro from Travis Toy [touring member of Rascal Flatts], and fiddle from Tim Lorsch [Kenny Chesney, Keith Urban].

....Found was produced and mixed in Brisbane by Andrew Cochrane, who also plays keys and acoustic guitar on the album. His efforts will no doubt see him much in demand as word spreads.

Found is as close to perfection as you will hear in 2012..."


"With the help of producer ANDREW COCHRANE, siblings GLEN AND KAYLEE HARRISON, have produced one of the most solid debut releases this writer has heard in many years.

It is fresh to the point of near sounding locally beyond peer - the dual vocal attack is exquisite [pure harmonics], the song selection is intuitive and the production is world class."


"Its hard to believe this is a debut album, for me it sits in the same feel and vein as Gloriana or even Lady A but with its own unique yet engaging sound – very impressive considering they are a new Australian duo. They have clearly pulled out all the stops, know their craft and the result is a most rewarding listen.

 There are a few notable co-writes on the album including Jasper Somerville-Collie and Jay Collie, and Mike Carr, and its masterful producer Andrew Cochrane.

 Overall such a mature evolved sound. These guys will be the next Australian Country export to the US. Just love it - clearly a standout debut album."

Garry Hoffman - Manager - The Buckle/Magic FM

"Kaylens Rain is the most exciting young act in Australian Country Music. Their first single “Is That All There Is” set a benchmark for contemporary country here on every level, and their new single proves it was no fluke. There’s no reason at all Kaylens Rain can’t cut it on the world stage, sign me up for the cheer squad. Can’t wait for the album."